About Us

Alternative Therapies

We are working as alternative therapists since last 15 years. We have explored various therapies in the due course of time starting from Naturopathy, Yoga, Su Jok, Smile Meditation, Tri Origin Acupuncture, Six-Ki (Basic & Advance), Meridian Su Jok Ki, Sam Won Gong, Sam Won Dong, Twist Therapy to Dorn Therapy, Tibetan Marma, Facial Reflex Therapy, Smile Mudra Therapy, Master Tung & Tan Balance Acupuncture Therapy.


In our journey of therapies, we realised the need of a platform on which we can call patients and therapists tocome together wherever a suitable place is available. Due to the lack of right therapist being available at the right place, patients used to suffer.

In addition to this, therapists are always in search of popular lecturers to expand their horizon of knowledge. For the same, we have already kept few lecturers on the panel and would be adding more and more to pass on knowledge in the best possible way in various countries and cities.