Meridian SUJOK Ki

Meridian SUJOK Ki

Day 1

Sujok Ki therapy – an objective way of treatment intended for regulation of the quantity of energy flow.

The rules of Yin-Yang and Homo-Hetero, their comparative description. The theory of Triorigin. Brief description of Hetero, Homo, Neutro and Neuto forces. The idea of energy system from Triorigin Model point of view.

The theory of Six Energies. Manifestation of Six Energies in nature. Yin-Yang meridians of the body and it’s connection with hollow and dense organs. The brain and spinal cord meridians, their functions, the reasons for changing their traditional names.

Meridian names used in Su Jok Therapy. General ideas of topography of the meridians in the body. Energy circulation in the meridians.

The idea of the energy state of meridians: excess and deficiency of energy (quantitative energy disorder).

Energy disorder diagnostics based on localization of pathology process (according to meridian location).

Diagnostics based on meridian’s time of activity.

Day 2

Byol-meridians, their topography, energy flow directions. Two types of corporal meridians projections on standard correspondence systems (axial energy lines and direct transfer of corporal meridians on the hand), their differences.

Principles of Sujok Ki therapy by meridians. Magneto therapy.

Types of magnets. Basic idea of magnets. Rules of magnet application.

Tonification and sedation as the basic methods of influence on the energy state of meridians and byol-meridians.

Application diagnostics. Using magnetic qualities of fingers for diagnostics. Finger Sujok Ki therapy.

Algorithm of applying Sujok Ki therapy using individual byol-meridians.

The idea of muscle-tendon meridians. Muscle diagnostics, application technique. Practicing muscle diagnostics skills.

Diagnostics by Spiritual points

Day 3

Six Energies in physiology.

Symptomatic diagnostics of Six Energies (briefly).

The law of the Five Elements. The functions of the law of the Five Elements – functional connections between energies. Principles of meridian selection for applying a treatment according to the functions of the law of the Five Elements. The map of the hand.

Axial relations between Six Elements – fundamental connections between the energies.

Two types of Six Energies circulation in meridians (structural and functional).

Choosing a meridian for treatment according to examined diagnostics approaches. Specific features of Governor meridian and Conception meridian, their functions and energy flow directions. Ways of applying treatment using Governor meridian and Conception meridian. Long meridians and byol-meridians, their topography, diagnostics of affection.

Energy lines of endocrine glands and long meridians on the thumb.

Practicing meridian Sujok Ki therapy.

Techniques of treatment using body meridians, byol-meridians and long byol-meridians.

Clinical examples of analyzing an illness using regional, symptomatic, muscle and application diagnostics. Demonstration of methods efficiency.

Applying different techniques and instruments using Sujok Ki therapy by meridians: acupuncture, moxibustion, seed therapy, colour- and light-therapy.

Light stimulators: “Su Jok-1”, “Su Jok-2”, “Su Jok-3”.

Course Duration- 21 hrs