Facial Reflex Therapy

Facial Reflex Therapy

Facial Reflex Therapy is a very important tool - a comprehensive treatment system used for rehabilitation for neurological disorders. Facial Reflex therapy makes it possible to conduct nerve impulses through the central nervous system to the brain. With Facial Reflex Therapy it is possible to treat symptoms in organs-, chemical-, physical and hormonal functions in both children and adults.

Content of the course:

•             Facial Reflex therapy, consisting of 7 stages

•             New Orthodox neurological theories

•             Neurological reflex points

•             Oriental, Tibetan and Aboriginal theories and practices

•             Analyzing Method

•             Cranial therapy for brain and neurological problems

The training is theory and practice finishing with an examination of Facial Reflex Therapy.

With this training, you will be well equipped to work with Facial Reflex therapy.

You can work as a professional or you can help yourself and you’re loved to good health without drugs.

Lone Sorensen has developed the patented treatment concept Facial Reflex therapy Sorensistem TM.

The program gives access to further study of Temprana Reflex therapy.

Facial Reflex therapy is also a part of the cosmetic concept .